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These reports can be fully customized to your wishes and KPIs. You can contact us for more info and/or a demo.


Provide your team with real-time, actionable insights directly on their IPads.

Our easy-to-use MyInsights reports covers a variety of CRM core areas, such as Multi-Channel Cycle Plans, Account Plans and common or custom KPIs.

We have two templates, one for a classic Cycle Plan and one for Multi Channel Cycle Plans (MCCP). In addition we can of course develop your own custom dashboard, with your desired KPIs.

Field Days Admin

Interested in insights on average calls per field day?

It’s just a simple calculation of calls divided by days in the field and measures the performance of your sales teams. A great KPI, and easy right? But in practice it turns out that days where the office is closed are often forgotten to be registered as time spent off territory.

When you asses your sales performance based on field days, it would be convenient to have that data registered accurately, without the need of management to control if the field force remembered to log their days off-territory.

Our Engagement Dashboard highlights key areas for the KAM

  • Call Distribution, which channel is the most used, which is the least 
  • Coverage, is the KAM following their Cycle Plan
  • Frequency, how many calls per day is the KAM executing
  • Frequency Attainment, how many targets has the KAM achieved 100% attainment for

With these dashboards your team will have key SFE KPIs directly in their hands, allowing them to monitor their own performance and ease their work, by showing their most valuable customers and most important figures. 

Our application provides you with an easy to manage servic

  • Mass updates of company wide Time of Territory records
  • Secure consistency across sales teams 
  • Individual or team updates  
  • Possibility to add, select and deselect specific days for all or some users.     
  • Access data for +80 countries worldwide
  • Easy to install with automatic updates

The FieldDaysAdmin Tool loads this data for all SalesForce/Veeva users with only a few simple clicks, improving the data quality significantly