A quick status on the iRep



Provide your teams with real time, actionable insights on their progress, directly in Veeva iRep.
We have created an easy to read field focused MyInsights report to display the most needed KPIs for your salespeople to track their progress.

We have two templates, one for a classic Cycle Plan and one for Multi Channel Cycle Plans (MCCP).
In addition we can of course develop your own custom dashboard, with your desired KPIs.

Our classic Cycle Plan zooms in on three focus questions:

  • Is the rep following the Cycle Plan in terms of expected attainment?Planned vs Actual Calls – Expected vs Actual Attainment

  • Are the days in the field optimized to reach the plan?
    Calls per field Day delivered vs. Calls per workday to meet target

  • Are there risk factors potentially impacting the plan?
    Risk factors could be Field Day share, sub-optimal focus on non-CP target (prospecting) or unobtainable call rates to meet the plan.

In addition to the Cycle Plan focus questions, we look at the following questions in the Multi Channel Cycle Plan MyInsights report: 

  • Is the rep following the expected attainment across the different channels?
    F2F calls vs. approved email etc. 

  • Are the required e-consents in?

  • What are the most popular key messages? 
    Indicating the (5) most used messages in CLM.  

These reports can be fully customized to your wishes and KPIs. You can contact us for more info and/or a demo.