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Veeva CRM

We are official, certified Veeva CRM partners.

This means that we can help you in any stage with any process of your Veeva CRM implementation and adoption.

From minor configuration to complete strategy and implementation.

Multi Channel Marketing

Technology allows us to reach out to customers in their preferred way and following modern standards.

Use Remote meetings,
Approved Emails,
Closed Looped Marketing.
Use any or all.

MyInsight reports

We believe in data-driven decisions.

Your CRM system can provide you with loads of valuable information.
We help you get the right data out and will present your KPIs in an easy to process dashboard, in real time.

FieldDays Admin

The registration of Time of Territory is a valuable variable in many Sales related KPIs.

It has however proven to be tricky to register all public holidays. We developed a tool that loads all this data in a few simple steps - for all users.


We know there are many different tools and systems out there. More often then not, different systems are used simultaneously.

Most systems can actually find ways to communicate together.
We find those ways and Sync data to promote agile processes and work flows.

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Consultant, Developer

FieldDays Admin tool proves to raise ToT data accuracy up to 99%.

Use FieldDays Admin to improve your data!

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