There is a very good chance that your sales team is more efficient then you think!

FieldDays Admin Tool

National Holidays
On average, there are 8 public holidays a year. Those days it's easy to forget to register ToT, the office is closed after all!
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Sales Performance
In the Pharma industry, sales performance is often measured by calls per field day. Field Days Admin increases the accuracy of those valuable insights.
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Key Performance Indicators
We've seen that all of our customers work with KPIs that regard field days in one way or the other. We also noticed the data seemed off. We did research and developed a tool to make sure you base decisions on accurate data.
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Interested in average calls per field day? 

It’s just a simple calculation of calls divided by days in the field and measures the performance of your sales teams. A great KPI, and easy right?

But in practice it turns out that days where the office is closed are often forgotten to be registered as time spent off territory.
Our research has proven this can easily run up to a full working week per rep – per year that is wrongly registered as a week in the field.
When you asses your sales performance based on field days, it would be convenient to have that data registered accurately, without the need of management to control if the field force remembered to log their days off-territory.  

The FieldDaysAdmin Tool loads this data for all SalesForce/Veeva users with only a few simple clicks, improving the data quality significantly.
See the graphs above based on 180.000 ToT records. 

– Mass updates of company wide Time of Territory records.
– Secure consistency across sales teams.
– Individual or team updates.
– Possibility to add, select and deselect specific days for all or some users.  
– Access data for +80 countries worldwide.
– Easy to install with automatic updates.
Accurate sales performance reports. 

You can find the app on the SalesForce AppExchange®

FieldDays Admin Tool

The way to keep track of Time of Territory in Veeva and SalesForce
Monthly, per user
  • Holiday data from 80+ countries
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Updates included