Digital Operations Transformation

ProMeasure has, based on years of experience and hands-on work, combined best practices, created a tool that visualizes the gaps and bottle necks in your digital setup.DOT. is a very down to earth process where ProMeasure analyses relevant areas affecting the digital area.


The pre-analysis includes first of all a in depth analysis on CRM and Promomats run through and dissminating of your documents.

We will prepare questions for a work that would clarify the objectives

And last but not least, at this stage we would map your existing processes and guidelines.


The next part of the process is a workshop session that would include the results of the pre analysis and the in depth questions that we have prepared.

In this stage it is important that we together define what success of the outcome look like.


Now the bread and butter of this process is ahead.

We we consider ourselves to be diligent and a hardworking team, that appreciates the best outcome for our clients. 

By focusing on the finding and alignments from the workshop and pre analysis start mapping and creating processes and guideline to reach the desired deliverables.

Our experience shows that we will then be able to produce a 2-3 year digital roadmap with a GAP analysis and strategy for documents and guidelines. 

But in every cases is different, and we adapt. Let’s start the conversation and identify which pain point to resolve. 

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