Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit, Barcelona

The Veeva summit is one of Europe’s largest commercial and medical events, where professionals in the life science industry share best practices and novelties. A great opportunity to network, get wiser and stay up to date.

This year we sponsor the summit for the 5th time!

The Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit is always one of the highlights of the year. This year too, we will be present at the summit to promote our services and solutions. And to celebrate our fifth sponsorship, we decided to set up a campaign!

FieldDays Admin campaign

We created an app of which we are convinced it will make a difference in your Veeva CRM reporting. So convinced, that to make you aware, we decided to run a special Veeva Summit campaign.

What does it do?
In our many years within the Pharma industry, we noticed ToT data was off in the majority of cases. We decided we could change this.
The application we made, or let’s say solution; pre-populates all public holidays or company specific dates in the Veeva CRM calendar. With just a few simple clicks, for all or a given selection of users.

What are the benefits:

  • Field days / Time of Territory data accuracy increases significantly.
  • Hence, KPIs containing field days, will be a lot closer to reality.
  • Therefore, Global comparison of those KPIs make more sense.
  • As well as that Sales reps don’t have to spend time updating their calendars and won’t accidentally book meetings on a bank holiday.

The solution allows complete customization of holidays; you can flag specific days and specific users, all in one go!
If you want the numbers to be proven, we will gladly help you perform an analysis. We have installations supporting users in all EU and most middle eastern countries for 2 years now.

If you can’t wait to hear about our deal, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

We hope to see you at the summit! Register now.

Read more about the Veeva Summit here.

Public holidays in your Salesforce calendar?

We provide a solution that shows all public holidays in your Veeva CRM or Salesforce Calendar.

As Veeva CRM specialist we learn a lot about the different processes of our clients and partners. Naturally these experiences bring a lot of valuable findings. One of these findings let to the creation of a Time of Territory application for Veeva CRM; with the main purpose of ensuring data quality for field day reporting. As we noticed there was a lot of accuracy and efficiency to gain.

We conducted research showing that 77% of public holidays are not being registered correctly or are not registered at all.

The application we build, allows mass uploading of Public Holidays into the Time of Territory object – and hence the calendar – resulting in: 

  • Public holidays show in the calendar, preventing meetings from be booked on days the office is closed. 
  • Significantly more accurate KPI’s involving field days and time of territory data. 
  • Saves admin time, in stead of recording public holidays individually, they will be loaded all at once, for all selected users – all selected dates and completely customizable. E.g. remove observance days or add company specific days or regional holiday. 


With Veeva CRM being our main man, we created the app for use on the custom Time of Territory object on the Veeva CRM platform. However, with request threads going back 12 years. We see how our solution could benefit any Salesforce user. Unfortunately, the app on AppExchange is not suitable for ‘regular’ Salesforce, but we have all the data and can provide this data in Salesforce as well. Either as event or a public/predefined calendar with public and local holidays, available for 83 countries. 
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about ‘FieldDays’. We are happy to provide a solution for you. 

The Veeva CRM app is available for download in the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Time off Territory Case Study

After posting our last article about Time off Territory (ToT) picklists and registration, we came across a great real life case. 

During a workshop, we reviewed the ToT reasons set-up in one of our customers CRM.
All valid options were there, such as training, internal meetings and a list of personal time off reasons. We quickly agreed the different personal time off reasons would be reduced to 1 single ‘personal time off’ reason. Leaving the details to HR. 

In addition, we also found ‘Congress’ as a ToT reason, which is not unusual.
But ToT is meant for time spent off field and a congress is usually everything but that. 

The only reason we could come up with, for ‘Congress’ to be in the list, was to communicate to booking agents that this day in the calendar is blocked for regular calls.
If you know of other reasons for why a congress could be considered an off-territory activity, add a comment to this post..

To suit the purpose of blocking the date, Medical Events actually does the trick. A congress ‘Medical Event’ should be created, and HCP’s joining or met during the congress can be added as attendees. The congress will show in the calendar and the booking agent can see the KAM is not available for calls outside of that congress. 

We could of course argue that some congresses are only for educational purposes. But in that case, we suggest registering the congress as ‘Training’.

Data Pollution 

We risk polluting the calendar if we put in ‘Congress’ as ToT. We could see calls are registered in addition to the ToT congress. Were those calls then made during the congress? Or was the congress only a couple of hours and were calls made before or after the congress? But mostly, we pollute the field days calculation when putting in congresses as a ToT reason. As this is most often a customer activity.
Even if field days are not yet included in any KPI’s we highly suggest they should. As they could give valuable insights in efficiency.

After revisiting possible reasons of using ToT rather than Medical Events, we were left with the sole reason of reps and KAMs not yet trained to use this out of the box functionality that Veeva CRM has to offer. 
In this case, we have already scheduled training sessions to make sure the KAMs and MSLs will be trained in the basic Veeva CRM functionality; managing accounts, managing activities (including Medical Events) and basic lists and reports. Start with the right processes from the start, to prevent data pollution later on. This way there is a clean data set to look back on.

Would you like to hear more? Write us an e-mail or give us a call.
Or read more about Veeva’s Event Management by following this link.

Illustration designed by macrovector / Freepik

How to Structure Time off Territory Data

There is no reason to complicate Time off Territory registration. René shares his thoughts on Off-Territory data and pick-lists in Veeva CRM.

Having worked with multiple pharma companies on their CRM implementation I have often wondered about what lengths companies will go to create a comprehensive pick list of “Time off Territory” (ToT) reasons. Much effort is thrown into the discussion about local reporting requirements and the value of the list of reasons already implemented in their business.

Time off Territory is relevant and i’d be the first to say so.
For HR, in regard to contractual regulations, to keep track of vacation, sick leave and paternity leave etc. As well as local or national legislation and reporting requirements when it comes to e.g. jury duty or union work.
And for Fieldforce Management or Commercial Excellence teams, to track sales efficiency. Unlike for HR purposes, here a detailed level of Off-Territory data is generally not very relevant. Often the detailed options in pick-list are given, but there are no processes or approval flows in place, to support reporting on this high level of details.

For Time off Territory registration in your CRM to make sense and to keep the business agile. We leave the elaborate ToT reporting to HR and keep the pick-list options for Sales Management relevant.
You only need to provide the CRM users 4 to 7 pick list values to have a mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive list (MECE) to work with.

What do you report on?

So which 4-7 values are that? As a sales manager you want to know:

  1. Did the Rep/KAM have a regular Field day?
    Veeva works on the assumption of 8 hours of fieldday so no records are needed.
  2. Did the Rep/KAM work an evening or weekend day?
    Work outside the contract (expectation) e.g. weekend, evenings or in a sales capacity outside own territory? “Customer time” and “approved flex time” should each have a value in the list if congress days during weekends and off hours are tracked and compensated. If not a single value of off hours/weekend time spend is enough: “Customer time”.
  3. Was ToT work related?
    “Internal meetings” an important data point for salesforce effectiveness. Meetings like these are at the core of the sales managers tasks – prioritization of where the resources are bringing most bang for the buck! Visiting customers or attending a meeting – both can drive business – but if you don’t know how much potential selling time is spend attending internal meetings it will be difficult to prioritize. Administration is inevitable includes preparations, training, reporting etc.
  4. Was ToT not-work-related / personal?
    If the Sales Manager keeps track of vacation days outside the HR process or manages an integration between HR and CRM, one could add the picklist value of “vacation” – otherwise a record stating that KAM/Rep was not working due to Personal time off (PTO) is enough. Reasons like maternity leave or a sick (kid) day, is all for HR.

    Then there are public holidays: a national mandatory holiday should also be recorded as ToT. Less than 10% of salespeople enter these days in CRM!

Our picks

This will lead to the following values in the pick list:

  1. PTO (Personal Time Off)
  2. Vacation (Optional)
  3. Customer time (working a different terr. – congress etc..)
  4. Approved Flex. (Optional)
  5. Public Holidays
  6. Administration
  7. Internal meetings (sales/cycle meetings)

On top of these reasons, we could argue for e.g. Travel time? – can you influence this time allocation if you decided that a certain KAM should see a certain customer? And what about training as a separate record?

We could naturally consider all other activities a KAM, MSL or Rep is doing to achieve work objectives. Such as preparation and support tasks. And argue that these tasks should be recorded to enable quantification of non face-to-face time needed to produce an interaction. If the specific (customer) activities are relevant, then specific activity records/reason should be created. If not, then a simple ‘administration’ record – as listed above – would do the trick. We don’t want the sales team to spent too much time on registering ToT.


The pick list – macro – data will fit most of the use cases for management reporting, makes reporting easier for salespeople, provides an overview to the sales manager and complies with the GDPR idea of only keeping the data needed to do the job. Reducing the picklist guards you from potentially capturing personal data about your employee in a CRM system, designed to share and make data available.

Most of the entries needed can be automated or centralized – reducing time that Reps and KAMs spend on reporting, as well as increasing data quality (Read more about that here).

Final note; ToT reasons are relevant. And it is important to discuss what is used in Sales Management reporting. Strategy and working processes should determine the level of wanted details. But generally, from a SFE point of view you want high level information as to why the numbers of field days look the way they do. Adding too many details distorts the overall picture.

Time of Territory ReasonDescription
PTO (personal time off)
Sickness, maternity leave, paternity leave, bereavement…
Vacation (Optional)
Vacation is only needed if vacation data is integrated with an HR system
Customer Time
Working a different terr. – congress, symposia etc..
Approved Flex. (Optional)
Flex is only needed if flex time is compensated e.g. work on a Saturday entitles a half or full day off on a weekday.
Public Holidays
Like Saturdays and Sundays (Fridays and Saturdays – depending on where you work) not considered workdays and hence these should be taken out of ToT.
Administration and preparation needed to deliver sales and customer support.
Internal Meetings
Internal meetings, sales/cycle meetings, training and other activities managed by Head office and reducing fielddays.

It’s Vacation Time!

Summer arrived! And one after the other is starting their well deserved summer vacation.

As sales/sales excellence manager you are in charge of data quality in Veeva CRM, but are vacation days correctly being reported in the Time of Territory?

Is the number of fielddays an important KPI? We sure think it is, as key efficiency indicator and one of the most central KPIs when it comes to reports and dashboards we provide our customers when it comes to sales force efficiency.

During July and August most sales people will take 2-4 weeks of vacation and the last thing they might think off before they leave is to report the vacation days taken in Veeva CRM’s Time of Territory registration.

Especially in a hurry, things might just slip the mind. There are a couple of things to be aware of, such as a month crossing issue when using 5-days-off reporting in Veeva. e.g. If the sales reps have vacation in week 31 (29.July to 2.Aug) and they record 5 vacation days for this week – all 5 days will be counted towards July and none in August, woops!

Read more about our Field Days Admin tool and assure your ToT data is in order.  

Picture by Freepik

MundiPharma Sweden successfully implemented Veeva CRM with the addition of Field Days Admin

In 2016 MundiPharma selected Veeva CRM for their Swedish operation. The flexibility of the system, easy access to data and intuitive user interface, were primary drivers for choosing Veeva CRM. Nowadays Veeva is used and supported in multiple MundiPharma companies spread in Europe. 

The challenge

With new products entering the market in ´18-´20, MundiPharma Sweden needed to realign their resources. Investments needed to be balanced to make sure the new products got to the market effectively. While making sure the profits on existing products stayed maximized. 

Veeva CRM and iRep, were just those tools to accommodate these objectives. Making everyday life of the Sales Reps easier, without jeopardizing good management reporting. Both existing and new products would then get the attention they need. 
ProMeasure Consulting – Veeva Partner and App Partner – was chosen to assist with the implementation. 

“With Veeva CRM and Field Days Admin, our reporting has improved in quality while saving a lot of time on data entry for our Sales Team.”

Christian Dentler, Sales Manager, Mundipharma Sweden

After the successful roll-out of Veeva CRM, ProMeasure Consulting and MundiPharma looked at ways to reduce time spent on administrative tasks.
Because Time off Territory (TOT) is an important data source for different KPIs, TOT became a focus point here.

As an example, semi-automating TOT registration will increase accuracy significantly for a KPI such as ‘calls per field day’. 

ProMeasure Consulting had identified the challenge before and developed the Field Days Admin tool. Enabling the registration of public holidays and company specific days for all users in one go. 

“Our objective is to help our Reps focus on customer interactions, delivering high-quality information and support to our customers. Therefore, we are happy that our Reps no longer have to spend time recording TOT for internal meetings, public holidays and longer leaves of absence like paternity leave. This process is now managed centrally via Field Days Admin”

Carl-Johan Fredin, Head of Sales & Marketing, Mundipharma Sweden

The solution

MundiPharma decided for an implementation of the Field Days Admin app, available in Salesforce AppExchange. 

The app is specifically developed for Veeva CRM, providing bulk actions as well as web service capability to populate Time Off Territory records. 

To illustrate; days on which the office is closed, such as national holidays (provided in the app by default) can be assigned to all users in one go. In addition to this, company specific events can also be created. With a few simple steps, a sales meeting or conference can be created and assigned to all attendees. The Reps do not have to register anything other than private time spent off. 

The implementation

Installing an app from the AppExchange is like installing an app on a phone. The same goes for Field Days Admin. Once the app is installed, a simple permission set needs to be enabled and assigned to the users who should have access to the Admin tool. 

Public holidays, company specific TOT like sales meetings, but also individual leave exceeding the standard 5 days, can be created from an intuitive menu. 

“Training sessions were done via Skype and only took 30 min”

Anna Vahlne Lind, Sales Coordinator, Mundipharma Sweden


These charts show TOT data on national holidays. The left chart shows 82% was supposedly at work on a national holiday. 

It is apparent, that TOT data used in reporting becomes significantly more accurate. Taking Scandinavia as an example, with 10 to 11 public holidays in 2018, the previously mentioned ‘calls per field day’ report will undoubtedly show very different numbers. 

MundiPharma Sweden took a focused approach and decided to work on data quality. By the implemenation of a service that did not take time or resources from the sales team, a big step was made.

The implementation and adoption of Field Days Admin has since then resulted in more time to focus on what matters. Now Sales Reps can easily access data and register calls. While cycle plans give both the Reps and management a good overview and quick progress status. 

With ongoing refinements and the addition of FieldsDaysAdmin the system has been tailored to the company’s needs. In a relatively short time, Mundipharma embraced Veeva CRM.

About MundiPharma

MundiPharma is a pharmaceutical company and global leader in pain medication. With a significant and growing presence in three other core therapeutic areas of respiratory, oncology and biosimilars. MundiPharma was established in 1952 by two physicians in the US, but has on this day locations in over 120 countries and 8,600 employees. 

About Field Days Admin

Field Days Admin is a digital tool, consisting of a comprehensive set of processes that validate all current entries of TOT against the official Public Holidays in +80 countries and helps secure consistency across Company Specific TOT entries. 

Field Days Admin simplifies your registration of Time Off Territory in Veeva’s CRM System. Preparing reports and business intelligence solutions on CRM data requires correct data in order to add value. Because a lot of records – such as public holidays – can be created in prior, the implementation of Field Days Admin increases the accuracy instantly. Field Days Admin is in active service in most European countries and in the Middle East. 

About ProMeasure Consulting

ProMeasure Consulting was founded in 2009. Based in Copenhagen and Veeva Partner since 2014. With an objective to help Life Science companies in getting the most out of their CRM investments by supporting critical processes, capturing the right information and securing high quality data. The aim is to simplify processes for end users, measure behavior and tactics applied and support in data-driven decisions that can refine strategies. 

About Veeva Systems

Veeva Systems is the leader in cloud-based business solutions for the global life industry. Committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success, Veeva has over 100 customers, ranging from the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotech’s. Founded in 2007, Veeva is a privately held company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. With offices in Philadelphia, Barcelona, Budapest, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. 

FieldDays Admin

Tracking Time Off Territory provides a better overview and a way to manage your sales and field personnel. It presents a way to track and measure the amount of time that individuals take off. 

How to describe Time Off Territory?

Time Off Territory is any block of time during normal business hours in which sales representatives are out of their territories. This could for example be when your employees has a sick leave, vacation or is on field training. Organizations can use this information to track the time that remote sales and field personnel spend on activities that do not directly relate to accounts, business opportunities or contacts. 

Benefits of using Time Off Territory

Maintain a record/overview of field employee time such as vacation and sick days.
Make your own reports without any limitations.
Provides your employees with a real-time overview of their current situation.

Illustrating the situation

Many companies are looking for ways to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. ProMeasure Consulting identified the challenge on how to keep track on Time Off Territory, and came up with the solution: FieldDays Admin

There are days on which the office is closed, such as national holidays. These days should be assigned to all users in order to get correct data in the reports. In addition to the national holidays, company specific events can too be created and registered. With a few simple steps, a conference or meeting, can be created and assigned to all attendees. With the FieldDaysAdmin all users can be assigned to these days in one go. 

The FieldDaysAdmin app is available in Salesforce AppExchange. The app is specifically developed for Veeva CRM and provides bulk action as well as web service capability to populate Time Off Territory records. 

About FieldDays Admin

FieldDaysAdmin is a digital tool, consisting of a comprehensive set of processes that validate all current entries of Time Off Territory (TOT) against the offical public holidays and helps secure consistency across company specific TOT entries. 

FieldDaysAdmin simplifies your registration Time Off Territory in Veeva Systems CRM. Preparing reports and business intelligence solutions on CRM data requires correct data in order to add value. By implementing the FieldDaysAdmin your records will always be ahead as well as securing accuracy of your Time Off Territory data. 

Make data quality a priority in your organization

Data Entry Issues

The most common data entry problems occur during the actual data input process. Especially in instances of manual, human-based entries.  Typo’s can cause short and long-term problems for your organization and lead to inaccurate records and misinformation. In addition, it is often a cumbersome task.

When employees misspell or mistype information into a field, it may not be recognized as an error instantly. Changing the place of the decimal point for instance, is a small error with potential serious consequences. The information might be transferred into a software system and can effect all other connected information. This can result in hight costs for businesses. 

Human errors might happen due to tiredness, interruptions, perception of low value, required speed of data entry and available time may also negatively affect the data quality. No person makes these mistakes on purpose. Still, these errors can result in serious consequences for your company. Erroneous data takes time and resources to correct, and if its left uncorrected it can lead to lost profits and business opportunities. 


Inaccurate data entry can be an expensive mistake for businesses. The cost of correcting any errors with data management can be aggravating for any business as it can be time-consuming or very costly, to go through every source record or file to find the errors affecting reports. 

According to Harvard Business Review: “The reason bad data costs so much is that decision makers, managers, knowledge workers, data scientists, and others must accommodate it in their everyday work. And doing so is both time-consuming and expensive. The data they need has plenty of errors, and in the face of a critical deadline, many individuals simply make corrections themselves to complete the task at hand. They don’t think to reach out to the data creator, explain their requirements, and help eliminate root causes.” 

Solutions and how to ensure fewer Data Entry Errors

Data entry is an extremely important and critical task, as numerous useful insights are often drawn based on this data to make important business decisions. 

Errors are inevitable, but you can minimize their occurrence by understanding why manual errors happens and learning ways to avoid them. Your company can efficiently reduce entry errors and enhance data integrity across your company. The constant development and availability of technology and easily accessible data sources, can and should reduce the need for manual entry. Investing in effective solutions that captures data and automate workflows can ensure improved data quality.

ways to avoid mistakes and make data entry faster and more efficient

  1. Train employees on the importance of data
  2. Create a good working environment
  3. Prioritize accuracy over speed
  4. Double-check the data entry
  5. Use software tools
  6. Enable automation

Read more here:
Bad Data Costs the U.S. $3 Trillion Per Year (English article) 
Elendige data koster danske firmaer milliarder (Danish article)

Don’t waste your time, focus on correct data for your Time off Territory reports

Maintaining high levels of data quality? Yes please!
Sales Reps and Kams record a lot of detailed and important information in Veeva CRM. This can be cumbursome and tedious, and obviously, it costs time.. Time that could have been used in the field. 

Apart from time, manual data entry can be error-sensitive, effecting the business in different ways. To mention inaccurate reports or by time spent correcting the data afterwords for instance.

Maintaining quality requires effort and priority, also on a busy working day. But we think that the field force should prioritize sales and provide customer insights. Not data entry, especially if that is data that can be standardized.

Field Days Admin is an affordable and easy to use tool, that provides a webservice solution to load and quality assure your Time off Territory data. 

The Field Days Admin app delivers an easy and consistent way to pre-load Public Holidays and company specific Time off Territory records. Additionally you can add Time off Territory for an individual in a defined interval. 

With the Field Days Admin tool your organization can reduce the overall time spend on data and efficiently keep reports up to date. 

Read More about the FieldDaysAdmin Tool or get the Field Days Admin app now in the SalesForce AppExchange