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The core of ProMeasure Consulting is advisory and implementation as we continuously help pharma and life science companies getting the most value possible from their CRM investments.

About ProMeasure

ProMeasure was founded by René Jørgensen. The journey of the company and our core started way back and René Jørgensen has diligently and wholeheartedly worked and developed the company since 2009. The core of ProMeasure Consulting is consulting and advisory and we continuously help pharma and life science companies in getting the most value possible from their CRM investments.

We are certified Veeva Preferred Services Partner and MyInsights Services Partner and specialized in several products on the Veeva platform. We provide advisory services to assist clients taking efficient and relevant decision about their whole implementation, content, training and reporting process. We are there for the entire journey from planning and configuration to materializing the complete strategy including but not limited to targeting & segmentation, Multi Channel Cycle Plans and Account Planning.

Also, we support adoption of the system. We help solving pain points and provide training.
Our goal is to help you get the most out of the system. Sometimes this means adding function,
sometimes this means simplification for the end-user.

What information are you looking to get out of your data? At ProMeasure, we love data, and CRM Systems are a dream in capturing loads of it. Our task is to make sure the right data is captured and presented in an understandable way. Reports and dashboards will present your KPI’s in one overview.
Reach out today and let’s start the conversation about we can assist you in
getting the most value possible from your CRM system.

We are specialist skilled consultants on all major CRM solutions used in the Pharma & Life Science Industry: Veeva CRM, Veeva Vault, Veeva Network, Salesforce.com, OCE CRM.  

Tina Høst Jørgensen

General Manager

René Jørgensen

Founder, Senior Consulent

Per Hyllén

Senior Consultant

Karoline Diderichsen

CRM Consultant

Bence Dolezsár

 CRM Consultant

Pernilla Holmström

CRM Consultant

Lanna Larshagen

CRM Consultant

Amal Lahdjel

CRM Consultant

Abdel Hassan

Digital Coordinator
UX/UI Designer 

Profile Picture of Alexander Hundrup

Alexander Hundrup

CRM Consultant & Developer

People Purpose Process Performance


ProMeasure serves people and ensure purpose for clients and employees by developing processes to secure pristine performance

We focus on our clients’ needs and wants by lifting each other – internally and externally. We are all in the same boat, aligned on direction, while demonstrating positive mindsets in a welcoming and collaborative environment. 

Our purpose of building professional and value adding solutions goes for both our clients and our employees. We help people who are helping people that need help. And we cannot think of anything, that provides more purpose and satisfaction than passionately help the pharma and life science industry help physicians help patients.

By helping clients improving and executing on their processes, we help organize processes to standardize and smoothen their work. Clients find quality assurance in being guided through a best practice industry standard process. 

Much like our clients, ProMeasure have ambitious plans to grow and develop our skillsets and thoroughly specialize. We all pull in the same direction while getting the most of our collective team resources. We provide a rewarding culture for passionate people continuously working to provide pristine performance.

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At ProMeasure Consulting, we passionately assist your business bringing information and education from Life Science to market.
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