Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit, Barcelona

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The Veeva summit is one of Europe’s largest commercial and medical events, where professionals in the life science industry share best practices and novelties. A great opportunity to network, get wiser and stay up to date.

This year we sponsor the summit for the 5th time!

The Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit is always one of the highlights of the year. This year too, we will be present at the summit to promote our services and solutions. And to celebrate our fifth sponsorship, we decided to set up a campaign!

FieldDays Admin campaign

We created an app of which we are convinced it will make a difference in your Veeva CRM reporting. So convinced, that to make you aware, we decided to run a special Veeva Summit campaign.

What does it do?
In our many years within the Pharma industry, we noticed ToT data was off in the majority of cases. We decided we could change this.
The application we made, or let’s say solution; pre-populates all public holidays or company specific dates in the Veeva CRM calendar. With just a few simple clicks, for all or a given selection of users.

What are the benefits:

  • Field days / Time of Territory data accuracy increases significantly.
  • Hence, KPIs containing field days, will be a lot closer to reality.
  • Therefore, Global comparison of those KPIs make more sense.
  • As well as that Sales reps don’t have to spend time updating their calendars and won’t accidentally book meetings on a bank holiday.

The solution allows complete customization of holidays; you can flag specific days and specific users, all in one go!
If you want the numbers to be proven, we will gladly help you perform an analysis. We have installations supporting users in all EU and most middle eastern countries for 2 years now.

If you can’t wait to hear about our deal, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

We hope to see you at the summit! Register now.

Read more about the Veeva Summit here.

Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit, Barcelona