Public holidays in your Salesforce calendar?

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We provide a solution that shows all public holidays in your Veeva CRM or Salesforce Calendar.

As Veeva CRM specialist we learn a lot about the different processes of our clients and partners. Naturally these experiences bring a lot of valuable findings. One of these findings let to the creation of a Time of Territory application for Veeva CRM; with the main purpose of ensuring data quality for field day reporting. As we noticed there was a lot of accuracy and efficiency to gain.

We conducted research showing that 77% of public holidays are not being registered correctly or are not registered at all.

The application we build, allows mass uploading of Public Holidays into the Time of Territory object – and hence the calendar – resulting in: 

  • Public holidays show in the calendar, preventing meetings from be booked on days the office is closed. 
  • Significantly more accurate KPI’s involving field days and time of territory data. 
  • Saves admin time, in stead of recording public holidays individually, they will be loaded all at once, for all selected users – all selected dates and completely customizable. E.g. remove observance days or add company specific days or regional holiday. 


With Veeva CRM being our main man, we created the app for use on the custom Time of Territory object on the Veeva CRM platform. However, with request threads going back 12 years. We see how our solution could benefit any Salesforce user. Unfortunately, the app on AppExchange is not suitable for ‘regular’ Salesforce, but we have all the data and can provide this data in Salesforce as well. Either as event or a public/predefined calendar with public and local holidays, available for 83 countries. 
Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about ‘FieldDays’. We are happy to provide a solution for you. 

The Veeva CRM app is available for download in the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Public holidays in your Salesforce calendar?