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Time off Territory Case Study

After posting our last article about Time off Territory (ToT) picklists and registration, we came across a great real life case. 

During a workshop, we reviewed the ToT reasons set-up in one of our customers CRM.
All valid options were there, such as training, internal meetings and a list of personal time off reasons. We quickly agreed the different personal time off reasons would be reduced to 1 single ‘personal time off’ reason. Leaving the details to HR. 

In addition, we also found ‘Congress’ as a ToT reason, which is not unusual.
But ToT is meant for time spent off field and a congress is usually everything but that. 

The only reason we could come up with, for ‘Congress’ to be in the list, was to communicate to booking agents that this day in the calendar is blocked for regular calls.
If you know of other reasons for why a congress could be considered an off-territory activity, add a comment to this post..

To suit the purpose of blocking the date, Medical Events actually does the trick. A congress ‘Medical Event’ should be created, and HCP’s joining or met during the congress can be added as attendees. The congress will show in the calendar and the booking agent can see the KAM is not available for calls outside of that congress. 

We could of course argue that some congresses are only for educational purposes. But in that case, we suggest registering the congress as ‘Training’.

Data Pollution 

We risk polluting the calendar if we put in ‘Congress’ as ToT. We could see calls are registered in addition to the ToT congress. Were those calls then made during the congress? Or was the congress only a couple of hours and were calls made before or after the congress? But mostly, we pollute the field days calculation when putting in congresses as a ToT reason. As this is most often a customer activity.
Even if field days are not yet included in any KPI’s we highly suggest they should. As they could give valuable insights in efficiency.

After revisiting possible reasons of using ToT rather than Medical Events, we were left with the sole reason of reps and KAMs not yet trained to use this out of the box functionality that Veeva CRM has to offer. 
In this case, we have already scheduled training sessions to make sure the KAMs and MSLs will be trained in the basic Veeva CRM functionality; managing accounts, managing activities (including Medical Events) and basic lists and reports. Start with the right processes from the start, to prevent data pollution later on. This way there is a clean data set to look back on.

Would you like to hear more? Write us an e-mail or give us a call.
Or read more about Veeva’s Event Management by following this link.

Illustration designed by macrovector / Freepik

Time off Territory Case Study
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