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It’s Vacation Time!

Summer arrived! And one after the other is starting their well deserved summer vacation.

As sales/sales excellence manager you are in charge of data quality in Veeva CRM, but are vacation days correctly being reported in the Time of Territory?

Is the number of fielddays an important KPI? We sure think it is, as key efficiency indicator and one of the most central KPIs when it comes to reports and dashboards we provide our customers when it comes to sales force efficiency.

During July and August most sales people will take 2-4 weeks of vacation and the last thing they might think off before they leave is to report the vacation days taken in Veeva CRM’s Time of Territory registration.

Especially in a hurry, things might just slip the mind. There are a couple of things to be aware of, such as a month crossing issue when using 5-days-off reporting in Veeva. e.g. If the sales reps have vacation in week 31 (29.July to 2.Aug) and they record 5 vacation days for this week – all 5 days will be counted towards July and none in August, woops!

Read more about our Field Days Admin tool and assure your ToT data is in order.  

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It’s Vacation Time!
What is FieldDays Admin?

FieldDays Admin is a tool that helps your users by autofilling in all the public and company specific holidays in their Time of Territory. 
Learn more about FieldDays Admin