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MundiPharma Sweden successfully implemented Veeva CRM with the addition of Field Days Admin

In 2016 MundiPharma selected Veeva CRM for their Swedish operation. The flexibility of the system, easy access to data and intuitive user interface, were primary drivers for choosing Veeva CRM. Now Veeva is used and supported in multiple MundiPharma companies in Europe. 

The challenge
With new products entering the market in ´18-´20, MundiPharma Sweden needed to realign their resources. 

Balancing investments to make sure the new products got to market effectively, while making sure the profits on existing products stayed maximized. 

Veeva CRM and iRep, were just the tools to accommodate these objectives. Making everyday life of the Reps easier, without jeopardizing good management reporting. Both existing and new products would get the attention they need. 

ProMeasure Consulting – Veeva Partner and App Partner – was chosen to assist the adjustments needed. 

“With Veeva CRM and Field Days Admin, our reporting has improved in quality while saving a lot of time on data entry for our Sales Team.”

Christian Dentler, Sales Manager, Mundipharma Sweden

After the successful roll-out of Veeva CRM, ProMeasure Consulting and MundiPharma looked at ways to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. As Time Off Territory (TOT) data is an important data source used in KPI’s and a time-consuming task for the Reps, TOT became a focal point. 

As an example, semi-automating TOT registration will increase accuracy significantly for a KPI such as ‘calls per field day’. 

ProMeasure Consulting had identified the challenge before and developed the Field Days Admin tool. Enabling the registration of public holidays and company specific days for all users in one go. 

“Our objective is to help our Reps focus on customer interactions, delivering high-quality information and support to our customers. Therefore, we are happy that our Reps no longer have to spend time recording TOT for internal meetings, public holidays and longer leaves of absence like paternity leave. This process is now managed centrally via Field Days Admin”

Carl-Johan Fredin, Head of Sales & Marketing, Mundipharma Sweden

The solution
MundiPharma decided to install the Field Days Admin app, available in Salesforce AppExchange. 

The app is specifically developed for Veeva CRM, and it provides bulk action as well as web service capability to populate Time Off Territory records. 

To illustrate; days on which the office is closed, such as national holidays (provided in the app by default) can be assigned to all users in one go. In addition to this, company specific events can also be created. With a few simple steps, a sales meeting or conference can be created and assigned to all attendees. The Reps do not have to register anything other than private time spent off. 

The implementation
Installing an app from the AppExchange is like installing an app on a phone. The same goes for Field Days Admin. Once the app is installed, a simple permission set needs to be enabled and assigned to the users who should have access to the Admin tool. 

Public holidays, company specific TOT like sales meetings, but also individual leave exceeding the standard 5 days, can be created from an intuitive menu. 

“Training sessions were done via Skype and only took 30 min”

Anna Vahlne Lind, Sales Coordinator, Mundipharma Sweden


These charts show TOT data on national holidays. The left chart shows 82% was supposedly at work on a national holiday. 

It is apparent, that TOT data used in reporting becomes significantly more accurate. With 10 to 11 public holidays in Scandinavia in 2018, the previously mentioned ‘calls per field day’ report will undoubtedly show different numbers. 

MundiPharma Sweden took a focused approach and decided to deal with data quality by implementing a service that did not take time or resources from the sales team. 

With the implementation and adoption of Field Days Admin in MundiPharma’s daily operation, there is more time left to focus on what matters. Sales Reps can easily access data and register calls, while cycle plans give both the Reps and management a good overview and quick status. 

In a relatively short time, Veeva has been embraced and with ongoing refinements and the addition of FieldsDaysAdmin the system has been tailored to the company’s needs. 

About MundiPharma
MundiPharma is a pharmaceutical company and global leader in pain medication, with a significant and growing presence in three other core therapeutic areas of respiratory, oncology and biosimilars. MundiPharma was established in 1952 by two physicians in the US. Today MundiPharma is located in over 120 countries and has 8,600 employees. 

About Field Days Admin
Field Days Admin is a digital tool, consisting of a comprehensive set of processes that validate all current entries of Time Off Territory (TOT) against the official Public Holidays in +80 countries and helps secure consistency across Company Specific Time Off Territory entries. 

Field Days Admin simplifies your registration of Time Off Territory in Veeva Systems CRM. Preparing reports and business intelligence solutions on CRM data requires correct data in order to add value. By implementing the Field Days Admin your records will always be ahead as well as securing accuracy of your Time Off Territory data. Field Days Admin is in active service in most European countries and in the Middle East. 

About ProMeasure Consulting
ProMeasure Consulting was founded in 2009 based in Copenhagen and Veeva Partner since 2014. The objective is to help Life Science companies in getting the most out of their CRM investments by supporting critical processes, capturing the right information and securing high quality data. The aim is to simplify processes for end users, measure behavior and tactics applied and support in data-driven decisions that can refine strategies. 

About Veeva Systems
Veeva Systems is the leader in cloud-based business solutions for the global life industry. Committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success, Veeva has over 100 customers, ranging from the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotech’s. Founded in 2007, Veeva is a privately held company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices in Philadelphia, Barcelona, Budapest, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo. 

MundiPharma Sweden successfully implemented Veeva CRM with the addition of Field Days Admin
What is FieldDays Admin?

FieldDays Admin is a tool that helps your users by autofilling in all the public and company specific holidays in their Time of Territory. 
Learn more about FieldDays Admin