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Tracking Time Off Territory provides a better overview and a way to manage your sales and field personnel. It presents a way to track and measure the amount of time that individuals take off. 

How to describe Time Off Territory?

Time Off Territory is any block of time during normal business hours in which sales representatives are out of their territories. This could for example be when your employees has a sick leave, vacation or is on field training. Organizations can use this information to track the time that remote sales and field personnel spend on activities that do not directly relate to accounts, business opportunities or contacts. 

Benefits of using Time Off Territory

Maintain a record/overview of field employee time such as vacation and sick days.
Make your own reports without any limitations.
Provides your employees with a real-time overview of their current situation.

Illustrating the situation

Many companies are looking for ways to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. ProMeasure Consulting identified the challenge on how to keep track on Time Off Territory, and came up with the solution: FieldDays Admin

There are days on which the office is closed, such as national holidays. These days should be assigned to all users in order to get correct data in the reports. In addition to the national holidays, company specific events can too be created and registered. With a few simple steps, a conference or meeting, can be created and assigned to all attendees. With the FieldDaysAdmin all users can be assigned to these days in one go. 

The FieldDaysAdmin app is available in Salesforce AppExchange. The app is specifically developed for Veeva CRM and provides bulk action as well as web service capability to populate Time Off Territory records. 

About FieldDays Admin

FieldDaysAdmin is a digital tool, consisting of a comprehensive set of processes that validate all current entries of Time Off Territory (TOT) against the offical public holidays and helps secure consistency across company specific TOT entries. 

FieldDaysAdmin simplifies your registration Time Off Territory in Veeva Systems CRM. Preparing reports and business intelligence solutions on CRM data requires correct data in order to add value. By implementing the FieldDaysAdmin your records will always be ahead as well as securing accuracy of your Time Off Territory data. 

FieldDays Admin