Improvements: finding an easy and cost-effective way to save time on routine tasks

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Technology keeps evolving and provides great opportunities within our work field. Automation is not a new term but has become an important term in many companies the recent years. We understand why! 

Many companies rely on a set of systems and processes, and automation directly affects efficiency as it has several benefits. Automation can be intimidating for many companies as many people don’t know how automation affects employment. 

Here at ProMeasure Consulting, we are very optimistic and see great potential in automation. We believe it is about rethinking the job and find the solution on how automation can have a positive impact on the workflow and the overall performance within the organization. Automation can affect specific parts of the job, for example, speed up the process and deliver prepared data making the task owner focus more on other parts as automation gives you the time and opportunity to do just that. 

What is automation about? 

To focus on what really matters! Reduce time spend on managing repetitive rule-based information and entering data. Without automation, many tasks would require manual data entry and a lot of time for organizing, updating and securing correct data. Saving time is crucial as we have a million things to do and do not want to waste time on repetitive and tedious tasks. 

Problems of Manual data entry: 

  • High cost – Manual data entry requires a lot of effort to conduct efficiently and employees should be trained on how to enter data correctly. However, training is time-consuming and often an expensive effort for the company.
  • Human errors – An important problem in relation to data entry is human error.
  • Time-consuming – When entering information manually it takes up a lot of time, no matter how fast one can do it. Typing a lot of information requires focus, a skill that is different for everyone. Losing focus, will add even more time to the data entry task.
  • Misinterpretation – With human data entries there is always a risk of misunderstanding. Every person understands and thinks differently, and this is also the case for data entry.

Why automate data entry?

Your business relies on a set of systems, processes, partners, suppliers and employees. Each of these is a constant source of information. 
The key reason is business efficiency. Automation directly affects efficiency as it reduces cost, time and complexity for your organization and employees. 

When should you automate?

If you have default tasks, a set of rules or identifiable measurement points. Get your team together and discuss what tasks within the organization are being done repetitively. Then look for an automated solution that can perform the task. 

  • Lower Cost – Automation allows you to accomplish more by utilizing fewer resources.
  • Reduce human error – Automation ensures that the task is done identically every time and resulting in high quality and reliable data. Using automation will reduce the margin of errors.
  • Time-saving – Automation reduces the amount of manual labor needed for a specific task.
  • No misinterpretation – Automate the task provides greater consistency and control.

ProMeasure Consulting offers solutions that will help your organization save time on daily tasks while improving data quality. E.g. with the FieldDays Admin Tool.

Improvements: finding an easy and cost-effective way to save time on routine tasks