New Year, New Digital Processes

Digital Transformation
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Tbke the new year as an incentive to rethink work processes. Be – even more – efficient and increase productivity. With the advancing digitalization, the pharma industry can’t and is not staying behind.

The Life Sciences industry is embracing a true digital transformation. Digitalization is fundamentally changing the way companies work. According to the Digital Marketing Institute:
“It’s a shift in behavior and processes that is affecting all industries, including the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.”

We know the benefits of automated processes; to reduce cost, increase efficiency and enable transparency through the ease of data visualization, all resulting in higher productivity and performance. 
Data and the visualization thereof, empowers decision making. Presenting data in real-time even more so. Dashboards combine KPI’s and give a clear overview in just a couple of clicks.

To survive, thrive and continue evolving, the pharmaceutical and healthcare companies too, must keep up to speed with their digital environment. There are many opportunities for the life science industry to rethink old processes and develop new and more efficient solutions. Making a workweek more manageable for employees leads to all kinds of improvements and benefits (stress levels/efficiency). In addition, with easy access to real time data and a sleek presentation thereof, a manager, stakeholder, or not to forget a customer or lead will be much easier to convince.

Digitalization in The Pharma Industry

In the life sciences industry it is not different from any other industry. There is a lot of movement on the digital front lines. At ProMeasure Consulting, we see great potential in this digitalization. To be frank, it is our entire business. During our many years of consulting pharmaceutical companies, we experienced all kinds of challenges and opportunities. Being part of the reassessment of existing business processes and the translation of those into digital processes is a tailor-made process. Whether we complete a full introduction to Veeva, automate data entry processes or assist in reporting or configuration. Digital transformation is a non-stop process, leaving us on a non-stop path of growth. Uncovering insights that can lead to better results.

One of these insights led us to the development of a tool, FieldDaysAdmin. This tool provides a solution regarding the registration of time that sales representatives spent off the field. It turned out that registration of this data was not too accurate, leaving reports misleading. Our solution is customizable and incredibly easy to implement, providing management with correct data bringing useful insights to build upon.

The pharmaceutical industry might be a slow adapter when it comes to the digital landscape. But more and more pharma companies start to embrace the digital transformation in one or another way.

New Year, New Digital Processes