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Don’t waste your time, focus on correct data for your Time off Territory reports

Maintaining high levels of data quality? Yes please!
Sales Reps and Kams record a lot of detailed and important information in Veeva CRM. This can be cumbursome and tedious, and obviously, it costs time.. Time that could have been used in the field. 

Apart from time, manual data entry can be error-sensitive, effecting the business in different ways. To mention inaccurate reports or by time spent correcting the data afterwords for instance.

Maintaining quality requires effort and priority, also on a busy working day. But we think that the field force should prioritize sales and provide customer insights. Not data entry, especially if that is data that can be standardized.

Field Days Admin is an affordable and easy to use tool, that provides a webservice solution to load and quality assure your Time off Territory data. 

The Field Days Admin app delivers an easy and consistent way to pre-load Public Holidays and company specific Time off Territory records. Additionally you can add Time off Territory for an individual in a defined interval. 

With the Field Days Admin tool your organization can reduce the overall time spend on data and efficiently keep reports up to date. 

Read More about the FieldDaysAdmin Tool or get the Field Days Admin app now in the SalesForce AppExchange

Don’t waste your time, focus on correct data for your Time off Territory reports
What is FieldDays Admin?

FieldDays Admin is a tool that helps your users by autofilling in all the public and company specific holidays in their Time of Territory. 
Learn more about FieldDays Admin