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Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit, Madrid

The Veeva summit is one of Europe’s largest commercial and medical events, where professionals in life science industry share best practices and novolties. A great opportunity to network, get wiser and stay up to date.

We come with a specific mission:
And that is to introduce a smart calendar tool; ‘FieldDays Admin‘, an app build for Veeva and Salesforce to register all public holidays in one go and for all users. The tool ensures that time of territory is registered and registered right. Allowing KPI’s involving field days and ToT to be a whole lot more accurate.

In our many years within the Pharma industry, we noticed the data was off in the majority of cases. We decided we should change this and build the FieldDaysAdmin tool.

We hope to see you at the summit and show you how it works!

Read more about the Veeva Summit here.

Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit, Madrid
What is FieldDays Admin?

FieldDays Admin is a tool that helps your users by autofilling in all the public and company specific holidays in their Time of Territory. 
Learn more about FieldDays Admin